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Pointe a Pitre ferry

Pointe a Pitre ferry - fast and nice

Pointe a Pitre ferry is foranyone. If you're of an adventurous frame of mind, and have time to spare, you can revert to the mode of transportation that islanders used before the advent of air travel: Pointe a Pitre ferry and the traditional mailboats.

Although fast, modern, air-conditioned Pointe a Pitre ferry now make some of the trips, some of the more remote destinations are still served by slow, old-fashioned craft with few amenities. Within the $loc ferry, it has the most, and most comfortable, options for island-hopping, that offer food and beverages served by cabin attendants.


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Pointe a Pitre ferry advices

As with most things in the Pointe a Pitre, schedules do change rather frequently; if you're planning to Pointe a Pitre ferry back to an island check and double-check the departure times, and build in extra time in case the weather's bad.

Pointe a Pitre ferry serve most of the major tourist destinations from Pointe a Pitre. The ferry costs around $110 one-way, and takes about two hours each way.

Usually, the shorter-haul ferry makes several round-trips daily, and keep a more punctual schedule than the longer-haul ferry.



Other about Pointe a Pitre  

Pointe a Pitre ferry - a good transportation choice

Consider arriving in Guadeloupe as many of the locals do, on one of the daily ferryboats operated by Express des Iles, whose vessels originate every day in Fort-de-France, Martinique, at 2pm, make a 30-minute stopover in Dominica en route (departing from Dominica around 4pm), and then dock at the quays of Pointe--Pitre sometime at 5:45pm, depending on weather, tides, and the vagaries of island life. One-way passage to Pointe--Pitre from Dominica costs 60 ($78) per person each way; one-way passage to Guadeloupe from Martinique is 60 ($78) and round-trip 90 ($117), partly the result of government subsidies. For timetables and more information in Guadeloupe, call Agence Penchard (the local representative of Express des Iles). Ferry travel is rather inexpensive, with the cost of a round trip ticket ranging from about $25(USD) to $32(USD) for travel from the main island to the offshore islands. Children's fares and one-way fares are about half this price. Ferry schedules are subject to change, but generally begin running around 8:00 a.m. Travelers can get ferry schedules from the tourism office at Pointe--Pitre, which can be reached by telephone at 590-82-09-30. The length of your ferry journey will depend on your destination, but will generally range from about 30 to 45 minutes one-way to the closer offshore islands, and up to four hours round trip to other neighboring islands like Dominica and Martinique. Travelers are sure to get more out of their vacation by visiting Guadeloupe's nearby islands. Consider brushing up on your French or carrying a French translation dictionary to communicate effectively with the ferry boat operator.

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